Rocker Switch

Model Panel cutout Features special
MR-series 13x19mm 12A 125Vac,DPST, Illumination,glow wire test (750≤2sec)
MR-R series dia. 20mm 12A 125Vac,DPST,Round illuminated , snapin mounting, glow wire test(750≤2sec)
MRH series 6.8x19mm 12A 125VacSPST, Mini-sized rocker switch 6.8mmx19.2mm, On-Off
MR2-series 13x19mm 20A 125VAC in UL,16(8)A~250Vac T85 in VDE, up to TV6 105 ℃ SPST, SPDT, on-off-on, LED lighted,
MR2-R series dia. 20mm
16(8)A~250Vac T85 in VDE, up to TV6 105 ℃,SPST, SPDT
Round illuminated minirocker switch, snapin mounting
MR8-series 26x12mm 15A 125VAC,SPST, SPDT,Rocker switch, on-off, on-on
MR5-series 9.2x13.6mm 6A 125Vac,World's smallest AC rocker switches, appealing outlook, LED light type is releasing
MR5-R-series dia. 15mm 6A 125Vac,SPST,World's smallest AC Round illuminated rocker switches,
MR3-series 13x19mm 13(A) 125Vac,DPDT,Mini-rocker, On-Off-On features
MR3-R series dia. 20mm 13(A) 125Vac,DPDT,Round illuminated minirocker switch,snapi mounting,
MR3-H series 6.8x19mm 13(A) 125Vac,SPDT,Mini-sized rocker switch 6.8mmx19.2mm, 
On-Off-On, On-On
MR6-series 13x19mm 20A 125VAC,TV-10 in UL, CUL, 16(8)A~250Vac T85/55 in VDE ,DPST
on-off, illuminated type is releasing
HB-series 13.8x28.9mm 20A 125Vac,SPST, SPDT, soft or amber lighting, splash-protected available
B-series 13.8x28.9mm 15A 125Vac,SPST, SPDT, illuminated
RH-series 11x30mm 20A 125 3/4HP,20(8)A~250Vac T125/55,on-off,on-on 16(4)A~250Vac
T85/55,on-off-on,glow wire test (750≤2sec),SPST, SPDT,
R-series 22x30mm 20A 125Vac, 3/4HP,16(8)A~250Vac on-off, on-on,16(4)A~250Vac T85/55
on-off-on,glow wire test (750≤2sec)  DPST, DPDT,
R-series 22x30mm 20A 125Vac, 3/4HP,16(8)A 250Vac T125/55 ,Soft outlook,on-off,on-on
16(4)A~250Vac,T85/55, on-off-on, glow wire test (750≤2sec)DPST,DPDT,
SS24 series 19x22mm 16A 250Vac,DPDT, DPST Medium size rocker  
X5 series 37.0x21.1mm Heavy duty Sealed  Rocker  Switches,  Multi  Ciruit, up to 20(8)A
SW-273 series dia.13.3mm World's smallest AC Round  rocker switches with double pole, SPST,DPDT
MR-2 13x19mm Indicator and dummy switch, panel cutout 13x19mm
HB 13x29mm Indicator and dummy switch, panel cutout 12.1x29mm

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